26th Sunday O.T 01 October 2023

30 September 2023

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Let's pray.

Lord, each day, may I be filled with greater longing and desire to spend time in your presence. Help me to yearn for more of your wisdom, strength, and knowledge. Amen.


26th Sunday O.T 01 October 2023

Communion Reflection

Heavenly Father, form in me the likeness of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and deepen his life within me that I may be like him in word
and deed. Increase my eagerness to do your will and help me to grow in the knowledge of your love and truth

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REMINDER: For Jubilee Sunday, 08 October 2023;
there will be ONLY ONE Sunday obligation Mass celebrated at Shanahan Park at 10am
NO - Sat 5pm Mass
NO - Sun 7:30am Mass
NO - Sun 9:30am Mass
NO - Sun 5pm Mass

ONLY - 10am at Shanahan Park

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