First Week of Advent – 27 November 2022

26 November 2022

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First Week of Advent – 27 November 2022

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First Sundays in Advent - Read Psalm 31:20-24

Lord Jesus, you have captured my heart for you. Make me strong in faith, steadfast in hope, and generous in love that I may seek to please you in all things and bring you glory and praise. Keep me ever watchful for the coming of your kingdom today and every day of my life.

Today we light a flame of hope. May it dance not only upon our Advent candle but within each of our hearts as well. Hope is the flower that blooms from the ground of faith. And so, with joy we keep the tradition of ages past as we encircle our Advent wreath with prayerful expectation. This dancing flame sings out that the reign of God, that pure light, is slowly dawning in our world. May this Advent season that is beginning bring us a new birth of Hope in the ancient promise of our God.


Oh, come; let us walk in the light of the
Even as you feed our bodies, O God, nourish
our hearts as well, that we may be prepared
for the coming of your Son, Jesus Christ our
Lord. Amen

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