Garden of Remembrance

5 August 2020

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Dear Family Members and Friends

Firstly allow us to express our prayerful sympathies to you at the death of someone close to you, but also to convey our firm belief in the resurrection to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Whatever you wish us to do and are able to do, we wish to assist you in this immediate time of loss.

The purpose of our Garden of Remembrance is to enable you to inter ashes of your loved-one in hallowed ground next to our church and as often as you wish, to visit this reverenced place.

Contact Information

Please contact 011 453 7716 or 083 444 4665 Church office for further information. Between 9am and 2pm daily.

Memorial Plaques

Once off fee to the Church R2000 for new double niche
Actual size: 300 mm x 250 mm

Information on the plaque:

  • Oval Photo optional 7X9
  • Inscription:
    • Name
    • Born
    • Deceased
    • Message


If the above is acceptable to you, we are happy to be able to assist you with the interment of the ashes of your loved-one. The Church reserves the right to veto any wording which it considers to be inappropriate on such plaques. The plaque will be erected in the area designated by the Church for this purpose. i.e. the next available spot. The Church reserves the right to remove, limit, re-position, or discard any candles or floral tributes (whether permanent or temporary) placed anywhere within its ground only one flower in the vase on the plaque.

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