Latest Situation Regarding the Parish and the COVID-19 Pandemic

26 June 2020

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Dear Parishioners of St Therese – Brothers and Sister in Christ

We address this letter to you in order to inform you of the latest situation regarding the Parish and the COVID-19 pandemic. ·

As you may be aware the latest numbers released on the 24th of June 2020 show that the numbers of COVID-19 cases in South Africa has exceeded 100,000. With two months of winter still to go these numbers will increase dramatically. As mentioned in our previous communications the overriding principle of the Church at this time is to ensure that Human Life be preserved.

We as a Parish decided to open the church for funeral services. Unfortunately, we have become aware that one of the persons who attended a Funeral Service recently was found to be COVID-19 positive. We have however ensured that we have followed all the relevant health protocols and therefore after consultation with relevant Medical Practitioners are confident that the probability of transmission is extremely low. We cannot however risk the health or lives of our Clergy Parish Staff and Parishioners. We therefore have to, unfortunately, cease allowing the church to be used for Funeral Services/Requiem Masses. These may still be done at Funeral Homes (as was the previous case).

We will however not be sitting idle in this time. We ate completely overhauling the Parish Information Technology infrastructure from top to bottom to allow for the latest technology to be used by the parishioners – with the relevant IT Security and Controls being in place to protect Parishioners data. This process has already commenced and hopefully we will be soon broadcast our first mass. Parish staff will be focusing on this church maintenance for the foreseeable future.

Please understand that this is not a minor project we will be building systems to cater for the Parish needs f-or the next 10-15 years.

Please continue to pray for the Parish and if possible, financially support your Parish.

Yours in Christ

Fr Zweli Mlotshwa – OMI

Parish Priest

Bernard Laferla

PPC Chairman

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