Marriage isn’t just a union between man and wife. The devotion husband and wife have to each other, and to Christ, mirrors Christ’s love and service to the church. Through marriage, a couple promises to help build each other up in faith, serve each other and the church and be faithful to each other until death.


Couples wishing to marry must make an appointment to see the Parish Priest at least six months before the proposed date of the wedding. Fr. will outline the documents needed and the details of the marriage preparation course.

The couple are obliged to attend a marriage preparation course. The course is designed to help the couple reflect on their future marriage relationship and to talk honestly and deeply about their future. Self identity, roles, expectations of each other in areas of money, sex, friends, children, family, religion and the Church’s beliefs about marriage are some of the topics covered.

After completing the course and submitting all the required documents, the next meeting will deal with more paperwork and the Pre-Nuptial inquiry will be done. Guidance will be provided for the music, Scripture Readings and the details of the ceremonly itself.

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