Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ 25 December 2022

25 December 2022

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Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ 25 December 2022

Father’s Christmas Message 2022

Christmas remains a season of wonder and compassion. Even now, it’s a season of extraordinary kindness and graciousness….of miracles. The season is this way all because 2000 years ago the greatest miracle of all took place in Bethlehem: God became man and dwelt among us. The expectations for this season are high and many may feel somewhat left out and left behind. Some people aren’t sure if they can sing “Joy to the World.” They have problems at home in their family, or in their marriages, jobs and finances. They look in the mirror and do not love what is looking back at them. Maybe you have loved one who is sick or maybe God has taken a loved one from you at this time of year which is supposed to be joyful and you wonder “how can I make myself sing, Joy to the World?

Saturday, 24 December
Christmas Vigil 6.00pm (Children’s Mass)
Carols 11.00pm
Midnight Mass will begin at 0.00 am
Sunday, 25 December – 7.30am & 9.30am. No evening Mass
Monday, 26 December – 8.30am
Tuesday, 27 December – 8.30am
Wednesday, 28 December 8.30am No evening Masses
Thursday, 29 December – 8.30am
Friday, 30 December – 8.30am
Saturday, 31 December – 8.30am & 5.00pm
Sunday 1 January – 7.30am & 9.30am.
No evening Mass
Monday 2 January to Friday 6 January – 8.30am
No evening Masses


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